A simple and convenient app for CrossFit workouts


The best app for Tabata training. Leave all formalities to OneTwoFit, and focus your efforts on yourself. With OneTwoFit, you can achieve unbelievable results!

General timeline

It’s easy to find out how much time you still need for your efforts. Thanks to general timeline, you can reasonably assess your strength.

Remaining time

Can’t wait to finish your workout? The best motivation is that you need just a little bit longer. With OneTwoFit, you can spur yourself at any time by simply casting a look at the gadget.

Get ready

At this moment, your body and mind are focused and waiting for the signal.

Work out

Get your muscles on fire, and they’ll work for you later on.


Breathe out, put yourself together and get ready for the next approach.

Audio prompts

Thanks to them, you don’t have to constantly look at the screen of your smartphone. OneTwoFit will suggest what you should do next.

On Off

Tabata is one of the best options for interval training.

Using Tabata, you can achieve unbelievable results without extra efforts. Just try it to substitute an hourly workout at the gym.

Stopwatch is your guide in the world of Tabata training.

Where time rules everything, nothing is more important than controlling it. A true athlete values every second, for it may become decisive.

Timer is what helps you stop on time.

During workout, people often forget about the importance of regime, thus disrupting the entire rhythm of exercise. With OneTwoFit, that won’t bother you.

Horizontal position

Don’t be afraid of accidentally moving your smartphone. Thanks to horizontal orientation, this app will immediately take a convenient layout. This way, you can see everything from afar.


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